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The University of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive Education Center is committed to protecting your privacy. The information we collect ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of this site, and we only collect information necessary for secure registration and site usage, and to make it possible for us to send you informational updates about the Executive Education Center.

When you visit our site, your browser automatically sends us an IP (Internet Protocol) address and certain other information (including the type of browser you use). We may use this IP address and other information to give you access to the site and otherwise administer the site. In certain parts of the site, we may ask you to provide us with your name, title, address, or other information so that we can provide you with the information you request. You are under no obligation to provide us with this information, but without it we cannot provide you with the information you request.

"The only personal information we ask for is information that is needed for safely processing customer requests and registrations, and for contacting you about your Executive Education account."

And because our business is based on the trust you place in us, we never share your personal information with any other party.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Executive Education uses secure socket layers (SSL) in all areas where personal information is concerned.

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About Cookies

Like many companies, the Executive Education Center uses "cookie" technology on this web site. These cookies may tell us whether you have visited our site before or are a new visitor, and what material on our site you have viewed. The cookies we use do not collect any personally identifying information about you or provide us with any way to contact you, and the cookies do not extract any information from your computer.


Occasionally, Executive Education sends e-mail notifications of new programs and conferences, or updates on current programs. In addition, we may send periodic e-newsletters that contain valuable information about the programs and services at Ross Executive Education.

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