Strategic Human Resource Planning


22 Sep - 26 Sep 2014Ann Arbor, MI - $9,700 USDRegister
13 Apr - 17 Apr 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $9,700 USDRegister
10 Aug - 14 Aug 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $9,700 USDRegister


Richard W. Beatty, William Joyce
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Transform your HR function from operationally reactive to strategically proactive.

This cutting-edge program will help you build and implement a business-focused HR strategy and develop your HR unit as a truly strategic business partner.

We'll begin by exploring your business strategy and then examine the cultural, capability, and talent requirements necessary to make your strategy a reality. We'll then investigate the ways your workforce can have a major impact on your firm's performance and learn how to identify who creates value in the firm, and where and how they play this role. You'll emerge with a roadmap to create customer and business value through HR.

This program is inspiring and powerful. Most important: The concepts are practical and easy to implement.

Program Highlights

  • During the program you will map your HR operations to the organization's overall strategic goals and explore how you can impact the bottom line as a leader in your HR role. Implementing strategic plans in global environments is especially emphasized..

Takeaways & Tools

  • A customized strategic plan to shape your workforce planning and HR operations upon your return to the office
  • Actionable understanding of the ways HR can create customer and business value
  • Methods to align HR practices with the value creation goals of your organization
  • Metrics to assess and demonstrate the value of your HR operation
  • Tools to monitor who creates customer and economic value for your firm
  • Frameworks to assess your strategic workforce planning, develop talent targets, and achieve them

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior leaders seeking to develop creative, committed, and constructive teams
  • HR/Management teams addressing organizational opportunities and challenges
  • Executives who are leading or going through transformational change

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The Key Ingredients for Change By Ross Faculty Member Dave Ulrich

So often our intentions to implement sustained change fall short, and we find both our personal leadership efforts and our organization initiatives starting with fanfare and then fizzling.

"Change is perhaps the greatest challenge in business today."

What does it take to realize sustained organizational change? Through our most recent round of research, assessing data from more than 20,000 HR professionals, we have identified the proven ingredients for successful change. Successful change requires starting it correctly, and then making it stick. Here's how:

Make it simple: Narrow down complexity and focus on a few key behaviors that have high impact on the most important issues.

Watch how you spend your time: As the old maxim goes, actions speak louder than words. Employees see what leaders do more than they listen to what you say. Pay attention to whom you spend time with, what issues you spend your time on, and where and how you spend your time.

Be Responsible: To realize the change, you must take full personal responsibility for it. Make your commitment public, follow up, and don't relent.

Read More: Professor Ulrich has 6 tips to drive your success.

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Program Fees Include:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodations in Michigan Ross' first-class, full-service Executive Residence (pending availability)
  • Continental breakfasts, lunches, coffee/snack breaks, and selected dinners in our exclusive Executive Dining Room
  • Program materials and resources

Fee is payable in advance in US dollars and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy.

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Strategic Human Resource Planning


22 Sep - 26 Sep 2014Ann Arbor, MI - $9,700 USDRegister
13 Apr - 17 Apr 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $9,700 USDRegister
10 Aug - 14 Aug 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $9,700 USDRegister


Richard W. Beatty, William Joyce
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