Positive Leadership


07 Dec - 12 Dec 2014Ann Arbor, MI - $9,950 USDRegister
14 Jun - 19 Jun 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $9,950 USDRegister
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Wayne E. Baker, Kim S. Cameron, Jane E. Dutton, Robert E. Quinn, Shawn Quinn, Gretchen Spreitzer

*Fee includes accommodations and meals
Applications for Positive Leadership are accepted until 3 weeks before the program start date. This allows the Admissions Committee to review the application, and also allows you to complete the Reflected Best Self Assessment in time for the program start. This critical program component is required for day 1 activities and throughout the program.

Positive Leadership

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Increase Profitability, Customer Satisfaction, and Employee Retention

Top-performing companies have certain ingredients of success in common: Positive leadership is one of them.

Research proves that positive approaches to leadership deliver significantly better business results than common, old-fashioned methods that target weakness and deficit. In this five-day program, you'll gain cutting-edge tools to invigorate your leadership style by focusing on what works. You'll learn techniques to leverage your unique leadership strengths and stimulate performance gains in others. You'll come away with powerful tools to increase employee engagement, transform your organization's culture, drive innovation and change, and improve your bottom line.

The faculty of this program all belong to the Center for Positive Organizations, which won the 2012 Research Center Impact Award from the Academy of Management (AOM) for translating knowledge into practice. Faculty members Wayne Baker, Kim Cameron, Jane Dutton, Bob Quinn, and Gretchen Spreitzer also won the AOM 2010 Joanne Martin Trailblazer Award for their work at the Center for Positive Organizations.

Hossam Awad

Program Highlights

  • Through examining your leadership style and completing case analyses and team exercises, you'll harness tools used by leaders across the globe to yield top results.
  • A case study comes to life through a corporate visit.
  • Engagement during and after class with faculty and peer executives who share your commitment to positive leadership will invigorate your approach to your work and provide insight from across industries.

Takeaways & Tools

  • Tools for navigating change and responding strategically to crisis
  • Tools and techniques to unlock the highest potential within oneself and others
  • Methods to develop high-impact relationships and a results-oriented work environment
  • A capacity to stimulate exceptional individual and organizational growth
  • A step-by-step plan to take on a leadership challenge in your organization with program learnings and realize change immediately upon return to work.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior leaders seeking to develop creative, committed, and constructive teams
  • HR/Management teams addressing organizational opportunities and challenges
  • Executives who are leading or going through transformational change

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From Flailing to Prevailing


When Jim Mallozzi was appointed CEO of Prudential Real Estate and Relocation, the company was facing a loss of $70 million per year. The lack of profits, along with a lack of morale among employees and customers, inspired Jim to immediately begin applying principles of positive leadership throughout the company. The result? Contagious, sustainable energy that delivered — and continues to deliver — incredible results. Below are three POS tools Prudential implemented to achieve significant growth within a short amount of time:

"With the help of positive leadership strategies, Prudential soared from a $70 million loss to a $20 million profit"

Ask for Help. Jim has seen firsthand that asking for help always pays off, and often it comes from completely unexpected places. For example, during Prudential's annual convention, he asked 2,500 participating real estate agents to text or email their very best business tips. Within 36 hours, he received more than 2,200 responses and 900 unique tips, which the company continues to put to excellent use.

Focus on the Fives. Prudential follows a typical client satisfaction survey model that designates a rank of 5 as "outstanding" and a rank of 1 as "very poor." Historically, employees focused on how not to get 1s and 2s. But when they ignored the 1s and 2s and only focused on what they were doing to achieve 4s and 5s, their scores skyrocketed.

Learn to Let Go. Prudential — like all companies — found themselves with clients who sucked up too much energy and were incredibly difficult to work with. Jim gave his team permission to fire these clients, saying, "We're going to stop merely counting clients, and instead have clients who count." This allowed them to focus on generating even more positive service for clients that truly valued them, rather than treading water with those who were perpetually dissatisfied.

Bio: Kim Cameron

Bio: Robert Quinn

Jane Dutton: Compassion Revealed

Wayne Baker: Implementing Open Book Finance

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Program Fees Include:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodations in Michigan Ross' first-class, full-service Executive Residence (pending availability)
  • Continental breakfasts, lunches, coffee/snack breaks, and selected dinners in our exclusive Executive Dining Room
  • Program materials and resources

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Admission to this program is by application only. There are three ways to apply:

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  2. Download the application and mail it back to us or fax it to +1.734.764.4267
  3. Email or call us to request a paper form be mailed to you.

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Positive Leadership


07 Dec - 12 Dec 2014Ann Arbor, MI - $9,950 USDRegister
14 Jun - 19 Jun 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $9,950 USDRegister
06 Dec - 11 Dec 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $9,950 USDRegister


Wayne E. Baker, Kim S. Cameron, Jane E. Dutton, Robert E. Quinn, Shawn Quinn, Gretchen Spreitzer
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