Leading High-Performing Teams


10 Nov - 12 Nov 2014Ann Arbor, MI - $5,900 USDRegister
09 Mar - 11 Mar 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $5,900 USDRegister
19 Oct - 21 Oct 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $5,900 USDRegister


Paula J. Caproni, Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

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Leading High-Performing Teams

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Are your teams achieving their full potential?

Unleash the power of your most talented teams - globally, locally, or virtually. Learn best practices to motivate and enable your teams to achieve sustainable high performance with fewer resources.

You'll explore key things you can do in the critical roles you play as a team leader: Visionary, designer, coach, coalition builder, and ambassador. As you interact with faculty experts and program participants, you'll learn which behaviors do and don't lead to high-performing teams. You'll analyze the common pitfalls many talented leaders make and explore techniques for leading teams regardless of functional area, organizational level, geography, or industry. You'll emerge with a roadmap to take your teams' performance to the next level, a deeper understanding of your personal team leadership strengths and weaknesses, and insight into the special needs of diverse, global, and virtual teams.

Program Highlights

  • The highly engaging and interactive nature throughout the program fosters your skills and your networking with high-level peers.
  • Simulations exploring real-world examples of best and worst team leadership practices give you new tools for maximizing team performance.
  • Leadership self-assessments and diagnostics for evaluating team performance help you reflect on your effectiveness.

Takeaways & Tools

  • Step-by-step plans to implement best practices for creating work contexts that maximize results
  • Tools to diagnose and improve the strengths and weaknesses of your team(s)
  • Coaching strategies to cultivate both the individual team member and the team as a whole
  • Techniques for avoiding common dysfunctional team dynamics
  • You'll develop a personalized action plan to implement learned concepts with your teams immediately upon return to your organization.
  • A private, follow-up coaching session within three months of the program will help propel your success.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior leaders seeking to develop creative, committed, and constructive teams
  • HR/Management teams addressing organizational opportunities and challenges
  • Executives who are leading or going through transformational change

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Why Winging It Doesn't Work

Paula Caproni

Your team is brilliant and you're a strong leader. But those aren't the only ingredients needed for success. Assuming your team will excel is a quick way to fail — so is leading by improvisation.

"But I'm a natural leader."
There's no such thing. And let me shatter another myth: leadership can be taught. Continuous mindfulness, self-assessment, and planning are essential. There's a science to leading high-performing teams, but a lot of people don't put it into practice. The cost of winging it is incredibly high.

"We're already rock stars."
Maybe so. But is that sustainable? Great teams get too comfortable, too excited, and too insular over time. They've had so many successes that they get less critical of their behaviors. Keeping up with — and implementing — research-based best practices helps you stay competitively sharp. You need to put gas in your tank. Excellence doesn't run on fumes.

— Paula Caproni

Bio: Paula Caproni

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Paula Caproni: Team Leadership: Don’t Wing It

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  • Accommodations in Michigan Ross' first-class, full-service Executive Residence (pending availability)
  • Continental breakfasts, lunches, coffee/snack breaks, and selected dinners in our exclusive Executive Dining Room
  • Program materials and resources

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Leading High-Performing Teams


10 Nov - 12 Nov 2014Ann Arbor, MI - $5,900 USDRegister
09 Mar - 11 Mar 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $5,900 USDRegister
19 Oct - 21 Oct 2015Ann Arbor, MI - $5,900 USDRegister


Paula J. Caproni, Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks
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