Challenger Strategies
for Building Businesses and Brands-India


27 Jul - 29 Jul 2015Mumbai, India - $3,450 USDRegister


Rajeev Batra

In the past decade, a new breed of challenger businesses and brands from the new Emerging Market Multinationals (EMNCs) have burst upon the world stage, and have built up significant new branded businesses with a broad international footprint. With names liek Arcelik, Dabur, Godrej, Haier, HTC, Infosys, Lenovo, LG, Mahindra Tractors, Natura, Ranbaxy, Taj Hotels, Tata Motors, Ulker, WIPRO and others, these EMNCs are giving the incumbewnt market leaders of North America, Western Europe, and Japan a run for their money in the areas of innovation, branding, and marketing. Yet these successful new business and brands have been built up without using substantial resource, in bold and innovative new ways. Their recent success raises the question of how these relatively-small, under-resourced EMNCs have managed to dramatically transform themselves to fight and win against much larger incumbent market leaders. What lessons can be learnt from them about challenger strategies to build successful new businesses and brands?

This new Ross Executive Education course builds on field research conducted over the last two years on 39 companies from India, China, Turkey, Brazil and other Emerging Market countries that are gaining share in global markets despite enormous resource and credibility challenges. It builds capabilities in business strategy, innovation, international marketing, and brand building through lessons learned from these new "Emerging Market MNCS" (EMNCs).

  • Discover strategic business capabilities that are changing the marketplace across Asia and globally
  • Build marketing and branding knowhow and strengths to challenge larger local, regional and global incumbents
  • Develop the strategic framework and tools to create a competitive capability to become a challenger organization

To assist your organization to:

  • Gain market share in emerging and broader markets
  • Position itself to become a major leader on the world business stage
  • Build and manage strong regional and global brand positions on shoestring budgets
  • Successfully challenge incumbent leaders -- or fend off challenges from this new wave of EMNCs
Who Should Attend

The course is for General Managers, Strategic Decision Makers, national and international business. Marketing and Brand Managers of both such challenger companies and those coming under challenge from them in the regional and global marketplace.

Unique Feature

These research-based findings have just appeared in a new book "The New Emerging Market Multinationals: Four Strategies for Disrupting Markets and Building Brands" (published globally by McGraw-Hill) by Professor Rajeev Batra of Ross and Professor Amitava Chattopadhyay of INSEAD, with Professor Aysegul Ozsomer of Koc University. To see comments and praise for the book's findings from Philip Kotler, Anand Mahindra, Muhtar Kent, Pankaj Ghernawat, David Aaker, and many others, go to

Be the first to gain competitively from lessons learned and applied from these valuable new findings, and position your organization strongly in the market to take advantage of this emerging capability in successful business and brand growth.

Program Focus

The recent success of these EMNCs raises the question of how these relatively-small, under-resourced EMNCs have managed to build sustainable and profitable branded global businesses, fighting and winning against much larger incumbent market leaders. How did these new EMNCs dramatically transform themselves to fight and win against much larger incumbent market leaders?

This 3-day course is about the lessons to be learnt from these EMNCs -- by other EMNCs, by under-resourced "challenger" businesses everywhere, and by the West-based MNCs facing these new competitors. To help you compete, this new research based course details the best practices from these EMNCs, and provides game changing strategies and tactics that you can use to emulate their success--or beat them at their own game.

It will be led by Ross Professor Rajeev Batra, co-author of the new book on this research just published globally by McGraw-Hill.

Business Strategy:

  • Discover how the New Challenger EMNCs are Disrupting Markets and Building Global Brands: Four Strategies to Success
  • Strategic Competency-Building to Execute the Four Strategies
  • Choosing Segments and Markets for Overseas Growth
  • Understand how Business-Building and Brand-Building go Hand in Hand to create a "Virtuous Cycle"
  • When and How to make Successful Acquisitions and JVs

Strategic Marketing and Branding

  • Discover What it Takes to Build a Strong Global Brand: A Framework and Roadmap
  • Building Brand Awareness and Quality Reputations on Shoestring Budgets
  • Global Brand Strategy: Associations and Architecture
  • Managing Global Brands: Structures and Processes
Benefits of Attending
  • Be among the first executives to learn from this impactful strategic research
  • Understand a new dynamic approach to marketing and brand-building for maximum impact
  • Develop a strong strategic business mindset for regional and global business application
  • Obtain four strategies to success for companies with weaker resource positions
  • Experience first-hand the knowledge to drive your next level of global business success when you come from emerging markets
Fee Policy

The program fee includes tuition, instructional materials, meals, and living accommodations at the Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Training Centre. Fee is payable in advance in US dollars and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy

Contact Information

Ross School of Business Contact:
Hari Athawale
Business Development Manager
25 Kalarang C.H.S.
Patwardhan Baug, Erandawane
Pune, India - 411 004
Cell: +91.98.2316.1352


Challenger Strategies
for Building Businesses and Brands-India


27 Jul - 29 Jul 2015Mumbai, India - $3,450 USDRegister


Rajeev Batra
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