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We've partnered on thousands of custom projects for organizations around the world. Your business issue might be a market entry strategy or a supply chain challenge. It could be the need to break down organizational barriers or a desire to accelerate growth. Maybe you need to realign customer service operations or better coordinate business planning with risk assessment.

Whatever the issue, we will work with you to clarify it. Then we'll develop a comprehensive plan and bring in the appropriate faculty to deliver it. And we'll do it all with the full understanding that you want your investment to return value to your organization.

If you would like to learn more about our custom programs, please contact:

Customer Service
Phone: 734-763-1000

Developing your Custom Program

We understand the quality of a custom program depends on successful collaboration between the Ross School and your organization before, during, and after program delivery. We break that process down into four phases.


First, we get to know your organization and its challenges. We work with you to define clear learning objectives. Discovery may include the following:

  • Identification of client issues and objectives
  • Interviews with individual executives and/or potential participants
  • Collection and review of key data and documents
    • Annual reports
    • Financial statements
    • Strategic plans
    • Individual and group assessments
    • Performance metrics
    • Thorough understanding of learning objectives
    • Others as mutually determined


Based on the insights acquired during discovery, we work with you to integrate leading-edge thinking into an innovative suite of interactive educational activities that will enable your organization to attain its defined objectives. We will develop the relevant course content and identify the appropriate faculty to deliver it. Any of the following elements can be integrated into a custom program:

  • Classroom instruction in quantitative methods and/or applicable conceptual frameworks
  • Action-based learning
  • Faculty participation in company projects
  • Simulations
  • Instruction by company leaders
  • Executive coaching
  • Web-based interactive sessions
  • Guest speakers, executive forums, and strategic briefings
  • Off-site activities


Ross faculty and staff engage your talent, delivering instruction and services customized to your industry, your company, and the business needs defined during discovery.

  • We deliver programs anywhere in the world.


We know the reason companies come to us for custom education is ultimately to apply insights and deploy a solution developed during the program. So, during and after deployment, we work with you to assess the impact of your Ross custom program on your organization. We provide a number of deployment services, including:

  • Impact analysis
  • Measurement
  • Follow-up programs and activities
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Consulting services
  • Faculty speakers



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