Lifelong Learning and Continuous Improvement

Aim for the
High-Hanging Fruit

Change is a constant in today's business environment, and continuous learning is critical to sustaining business success. Whether you are a generalist wishing to focus your experience or a specialist wishing to expand your perspectives, Michigan Certificate programs can help you meet your goals.

Elevate Your Game

Michigan's Certificate programs offer you a flexible way to expand your knowledge. They focus on you and your career, and allow you to:

  • Develop new skills
  • Work toward your career goals
  • Confront new challenges
  • Attain an increased level of responsibility

Do it Your Way

There are several choices available for your professional development with the added advantages of convenient scheduling and flexibility. From an organizational perspective, Michigan Certificate programs offer you a way to systematically address key problems and seize new opportunities by building capabilities across a broad range of disciplines. Plus you will be getting a personalized experience—the faculty and staff will actually get to know you, and the program will be designed especially for you.

Add Value that's Actually Valuable

As a Michigan Certificate holder, you will gain:

  • Easier access to professional development programs
  • Discounts on future programs
  • Access to an expanded Executive Education Alumni Network
  • Special invitations to alumni events

You Set the Pace

We are here with the sole purpose of helping you achieve your professional and personal goals. That is why this program is designed to work around your busy schedule. We are dedicated to helping each Certificate candidate achieve his or her goals on a flexible, self-directed schedule. You can complete the required courses right away or over as long as eight years. We invite you to Contact us and discover how Ross Executive Education can help you and your firm achieve any and all of your business goals.

Select an existing certificate program or create your own

Existing Certificates:

  • Management Development Certificate
  • Leadership Development Certificate
  • Positive Leadership Certificate
  • HR Leadership Certificate
  • Create Your Own Certificate

Get Recognized

Have your Executive Education efforts recognized in a certificate. Use the following online tools to view your certificate options:

Next Steps

Contact us at or 734.763.1000 with any questions or to discuss your Certificate options.