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Making Positive Work Connections Lifts More than Mood

Ever feel energized and confident to take on a challenge after an interaction with a co-worker? Research from Ross Professor Jane Dutton shows that interacting with others in ways that foster high-quality connections at work does more than improve morale. It improves creativity, commitment, learning and engagement.  more

New Complimentary Program Offered for Ross Degree Program Alumni

To continue to excel and ascend in your career, you constantly need to keep developing your leadership skills. As an investment in lifelong learning, Ross invites its degree program alumni to take advantage of a special new opportunity — a complimentary offering from the school's acclaimed Executive Education.  more

Co-Creation: A New Way to Think About Business and Society

The explosion of technology and connectivity among consumers has rendered old business models obsolete. Ross Professor Venkat Ramaswamy has shown that companies need to co-create with stakeholders — customers, suppliers, and employees. His latest book on the subject, The Co-Creation Paradigm, provides a blueprint on how to shift your mindset and business practices. Read more to find out what he and co-author Kerimcan Ozcan, PhD '04, discovered about how to succeed with this shift.  more

Coaching Up the Coaches

"There's a lot more to coaching than giving feedback and motivating others." Managers are expected to bring out the best in their reports, and an effective way to do that is by coaching them. It's often assumed that caring about others and putting time and effort into staff development will do the trick. But U-M Ross Professor Paula Caproni says that's a myth. Caproni brings her expertise on coaching and leading teams to the Ross Executive Education Emerging Leaders Program.  more

Business Lessons From the Top of the World

"Hopefully it's inspiration for discovering what their own Everest is, so they can commit to it and go after it." Michigan Ross professor Scott DeRue believes lessons from the mountain can be taught in the classroom. He summited Mount Everest last month and is taking an Executive Education program up Mount Kilimanjaro next fall. To read about why he wants to teach these lessons, read his Q&A with Bloomberg Businessweek.  more

Negotiating: Making the First Move Pays, But be Ready for Anxiety :: Video

New research from Ross Professor Shirli Kopelman shows the stress of making the first offer in a negotiation dampens enjoyment of economic benefits. Hear Kopelman's findings and how to deal with the stress in this new video.  more

U-M Ross Executive Education Ranked Top 10

The Financial Times recently ranked the Ross School of Business 10th globally for executive education. This new ranking puts Ross among the top ten in the world for open-enrollment education programs for executives looking to gain knowledge and skills for career advancement and effectiveness.  more

Virtuousness as a Driver for Results: Read the White Paper

Leaders today are seeking proven techniques to maximize profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. In "Virtuousness and Performance," professor Kim Cameron outlines specific ways leaders and organizations can realize better results through clear and direct techniques for invoking positive leadership. This white paper is packed with ready-to-implement ideas to improve your bottom line.  more

Why Innovation is so Hard

"Chances are, innovation doesn't work where you work — or only works some of the time, mostly in spite of your organization's system and processes. Why?" Faculty member Jeff DeGraff tells CNN Money the five truths about innovation most of us get wrong and how to get it right. Read his piece on CNN Money to find out more about these truths.  more

Take a Time-out for Leadership Development

Up-and-coming executives need space and time to develop their leadership skills. But the day-to-day demands of work can get in the way. Gretchen Spreitzer, professor of management and organizations, brings her expertise in leading change to the Ross Executive Education Emerging Leaders Program. In this Q&A, Spreitzer talks about the need to provide emerging leaders with a place to learn by doing and with guidance from top faculty experts along the way.  more

10 Questions with Paula Caproni - As featured in the Financial Times

"I try to be in and create environments that bring out the best in people." In this profile in the Financial Times, faculty member Paula Caproni shares advice on how to be a better leader and how to navigate the business environment.  more

A Playbook for Intuition

Decision-making by intuition might sound like a bad thing, but Ray Reilly, faculty director of Business Acumen for High-Potential Executives, shows that taking the time to develop a regular practice of thinking about problems, asking the right questions, and considering the answers leads to highly-effective and informed process for using intuition to make decisions.  more

Incoming Medical Students Enter the Profession with Leadership Training

Through a new partnership between Ross Executive Education and the University of Michigan Medical School, all the new medical students will receive training that goes beyond anatomy, physiology and other traditional subjects. They will learn how to work with others to lead change, helping set them on a course that will continue through their careers. U-M is the first medical school to give all its students this kind of training, which will prepare them to be the impactful change agents that American health care will need in the coming decades.  more

Ross Center Recognized for Making Impact with Research

The Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business is the inaugural recipient of the Academy of Management's research impact award, recognizing the center's impact on management practice in the real world. The research of POS forms the basis of Michigan Ross's Executive Education's Positive Leadership program.  more

UNICON Workshop Draws Global Executive Education Leaders to Explore New Opportunities in Social Media

Ross hosted this year's University Consortium for Executive Education workshop as it explored how social media will change the way business leaders access education to further their skills in today's world. The academically-based workshop brought together more than 70 representatives from more than 90 institutions around the globe.  more

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