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Story 3 "I study how teams accomplish big 'Everest' goals, and Everest provides a great laboratory for studying what makes teams great."

Climbing enthusiast and Michigan Ross professor Scott DeRue likes challenges. Last month DeRue summited Mount Everest as part of his personal growth and as insight into his research that studies teams. Now, he's turning this amazing experience into a way to challenge others. He plans on integrating his experience into a required leadership course at Ross through a climbing computer simulation that will inspire his MBA students. "Hopefully it's inspiration for discovering what their own Everest is, so they can commit to it and go after it." To hear how Everest can help in the classroom, read the Q&A with DeRue in Bloomberg Businessweek.

DeRue has been exploring team dynamics in extreme situations. At the start of his ascent up Mount Everest, he sat down with world-class mountaineer David Morton to find leadership lessons from mountain climbing that can be applied to the high-risk environments business leaders work in today. "Whether it is on Everest or in business, your team's ability to thrive and survive in high-stakes environments depends on you staying flexible and adapting in real time," says DeRue. To read DeRue's five leadership lessons you need on the mountain and in the boardroom, read his full piece on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

DeRue is challenging traditional approaches to leadership with his new Executive Education program Advanced Leadership in Action: Kilimanjaro that takes you out of the classroom and onto the mountain.

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