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Ross faculty are among the most influential in the world. Ross research impacts the way business is both taught and practiced. It makes headlines. It makes policy. It makes a difference. Our faculty include respected scholars, successful consultants, and gifted teachers -- fact, you’re likely to find all these traits in one person.

Ross faculty are highly motivated to interact with high-potential managers and seasoned executives. They bring functional expertise in such areas as corporate strategy and international business; management and organizations; business economics and public policy; finance and accounting; marketing; business information technology; law, history, and communication; and operations and management science. And as one of the world’s premier research institutions, the University of Michigan is committed to interdisciplinary collaboration. That means our faculty are plugged into thought leaders in healthcare, life sciences, engineering, and many other fields. Ross Executive Education instructors carry a rare blend of depth of expertise and breadth of perspective.

The Ross School of Business is home to the Office of Tax Policy Research and several research institutes and centers that support entrepreneurship, global sustainable enterprise, emerging economies, and global operations to name just a few.

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