At the Ross School's Ann Arbor campus, we understand the commitment it takes to integrate executive education into a busy personal and professional life. Our goal is to utilize your time most effectively. We seek to provide each participant a comfortable and productive experience that exceeds all your service needs and expectations.

The Executive Learning and Conference Center on the Ross School campus features a full-service hotel with a large staff of hospitality professionals that assures your needs are met throughout your stay, plus classrooms, breakout spaces, and an executive dining room. Special attention has been given to creating an inviting after-class environment. A study area on the seventh floor of the Executive Learning and Conference Center provides a quiet atmosphere for relaxation or discussion. A game room on the sixth floor and a fitness center on the fifth floor are reserved exclusively for our guests.

Executive Residence Address and Contact Information

University of Michigan Ross School of Business
Executive Learning and Conference Center
710 E. University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI  48109
Phone: +1 734-764-ROSS(7677)
Fax: +1 734-615-4050

Click here for information about Check-in at the Executive Residence

People who need to reach you should call the Executive Learning and Conference Center at +1 734-764-ROSS(7677). Callers should provide your name as well as the name of the program you are attending. Messages may be left on your voicemail within your guestroom, or if urgent, will be hand-delivered during program breaks. Messages also may be faxed to you at the Executive Learning and Conference Center's business center at +1 734-615-4050.